DublinCSS Relaunch

It has been a long long time, but after this long break, we finally managed to relaunch the meetup!!!

Our very much expected return will happen on the 17th of July, a Wednesday, at Smartbox who is kindly sponsoring this month’s event. Doors will be open from 18:00 with some Pizza & Beers, followed by two talks, stating at 19:00.

The Talks

10 cool things you might not know about CSS - Sheldon Led

We can do awesome stuff on the web but styling has always been a challenge for the less experient with CSS. However the language has a lot of cool stuff and quircks that can be used to our advantage.

CSS and Illustrations - Camila Waz

There is a thousand ways you can make writing CSS fun. One of those is turning code into images - to be more accurate, illustrations! In this talk, we will explore a few techniques and how to get started with CSS Illustrations.

The Speakers

Sheldon Led

Software Engineer living in Dublin, Ireland. While working as Web Developer, Sheldon also volunteered with Free and Open Source Community for 10 years, co-organizing conferences, giving talks and workshops, and writing code. Today Sheldon is a co-organizer of DublinCSS and loves sharing what he learns with the community.

Camila Waz

Camila Waz is a Brazilian web designer and developer, now based in Dublin - Ireland.

Her passion for content brought her into the world of tech where she got to know Front End Technologies and Design by building blog themes. Using this knowledge she worked as a Freelancer for a number of years helping entrepreneurs and bloggers to get their message (and their websites!) out there. At the same time, she contributed to her local tech community organizing events, meetups and training sessions for new developers.

Now she works as a UI/UX Web Developer and is a co-organiser for DublinCSS a community with monthly meetups that welcomes all developers, designers and curious individuals, regardless of experience level, to discuss and learn about the latest and standard CSS tips and techniques.

The Agenda - 17/Jul/2019


  • Doors open!
  • Registration & Gathering


  • Talks

    • 10 cool things you might not know about CSS
    • CSS and Illustrations


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